Home Insurance in Burlington, Ontario

Burlington is rated Canada’s No. 1 City, and now that you’ve decided to live here you need to find the best home insurance brokers in Burlington Ontario to help you cover your property. New Street Insurance has access to all the insurance coverages you need to compare quotes from the largest insurance companies. Our local insurance experts often hear questions like how do I get the best coverage, which insurance companies do you deal with, what’s the best home insurance plan for me? Our local insurance experts provide a full insurance review, compare your current homeowner’s insurance policies and go over all your options. Insurance is often complicated and that’s why our local insurance brokers are here to make it easy. Whether you’re looking for home owner’s insurance for the first time or just want a 2nd opinion to compare coverages and rates. Our partners will work with you to find the best home insurance options available in Ontario at the best possible rates. The first step in getting properly protected is getting to know you and your property, and finding out which type of coverage best fits your needs.

-Comprehensive homeowners’ insurance

          The Most inclusive home insurance policy, covering both the building and its contents from all exposures except those specifically excluded. Most home owners in Ontario would choose this as the most suitable coverage.

-Broad form homeowner’s insurance form

          Some people choose broad form because it is cheaper than a comprehensive insurance policy it covers the big-ticket items such as the dwelling (building) as well as a few named perils in the coverage of the contents. This is not an appropriate coverage for most homeowners living in  Ontario.

-Named Perils Homeowner’s insurance form

          Some homeowners in Canada that have cottages will place a named perils policy on their seasonal dwelling. It is the least expensive type of homeowner’s insurance and has the least amount of coverages. Only those named perils specifically outlined in the policy are covered. If you have the opportunity to choose named perils or a comprehensive policy, it is always a more sound decision to get the increased coverage with a comprehensive home owners insurance plan.