Auto Insurance in Burlington, Ontario

Burlington is rated Canada’s Number 1 City in Canada, and now that you’ve decided to live here, you’ll need to find the best Auto insurance broker to give you the best auto insurance rates and service. In Burlington Ontario, The New Street Insurance Team has access to all the insurance coverages you need to compare quotes from the largest insurance companies with our insurance partners.

Rated Number 1 in google for insurance , our local insurance experts often hear questions like my kids are starting to drive. How much do new drivers cost, how do I save money in Burlington on my insurance for my kids. Which insurance companies do you deal with for clean drivers, what’s the best Auto insurance plan for me? Our local insurance experts provide a full insurance review, compare your current car insurance policies and go over all your options. Insurance is often complicated and that’s why our local insurance broker partners are here to make it easy. If you’re a high-risk driver in Burlington, a driver with a perfect driving record or are just trying to find the cheapest car insurance rates new street insurance is here to help. 

What Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover?

          Comprehensive Auto Insurance covers damage done to your car in some ways other than collision coverage. Almost all drivers in Burlington Ontario receives this coverage and is required if your car is financed.

          Including: A civil Disturbance, Falling Objects, Fire, Hitting or being Hit by an animal, Vandalism, Theft

What Does Collision Auto Insurance Cover?

Collision insurance covers damage caused to your vehicle in an auto accident with another vehicle or an object like a tree or signpost. Almost all drivers in Ontario receives this coverage and is required if your car is financed.